Work that Works
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Work that Works

July 2020

In July 2020, Theatre Direct explored the benefit that task-based employment and guided creative play had on the mental wellness of parent-artists and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over a five-day period, participants were asked to change their working patterns to an entirely tasked based system and track their working hours, working environment and productivity, whilst also participating in a daily creative task with their children. The project aimed to investigate the impact that having daily creative tasks had on those working from home during the pandemic and asked participants to look towards what our future working world might like and whether task-based employment has a positive role to play. 
Examples of work created during the week by project participants.
Participating Partner Organizations
YPT- Balancing Act
Why Not- Balancing Act 2
PACT theatre - Balancing Act

“I felt a little bit freer. And a little bit less of that waking up in the guilt of what am I going to fall at today because I was already envisioning my family as a part of my task list.”

Participants reflected on how working life before Covid-19 felt largely chaotic, unsustainable, outdated, sometimes flexible & collaborative and that by working in a task-based way, the following themes were observed:

Theatre Direct is proud to be working with Good Roots Consulting and the full report & evaluation of this project will be available in Fall 2020.

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