Neema Bickersteth

Neema Bickersteth is a singer, mover, and maker of multi-disciplinary performance. She with her family have toured a lot, making ‘home’ – as her 6 year old says – in many cities around the world.


Q: What is your caregiving role?

A: Mama to Nuala.

Q: Since becoming an artist-caregiver, my artistic practice…

A: …has become more philosophical. I also think about myself now and how I connect to the art.

Q: It is 5 years from now. What has changed in the performing arts sector around support for artist caregivers?

A: I no longer feel sneaky or bossy or misunderstood or not understood when asking for what I need to do my best job with my creativity, my body, my mind. I need time, rest, healthy challenge, supportive teams, creative teams, inclusiveness, and willingness.

Q: What is the most exciting, unique or creative strategy you have put in place to support an artist-caregiver (perhaps maybe for yourself!)?

A: We have flown my mum or best friend to wherever I toured and requested an extra room for accommodations. But a unique strategy was when I got an Airbnb with a bunk bed in her room, which made her the happiest kid ever. So when she wasn’t sleeping from jet lag, I let her paint pictures in a colouring book on the bottom bunk as long as she remained in her space quietly while I slept. And I slept! Then I woke up and laundered her bedding.