Steering Committee   /   Sheila Kearney-Miller

Sheila Kearney-Miller

EDI-R Committee,
Soulpepper Theatre and The Young Centre for the Performing Arts

Sheila Kearney Miller (she/her) is a data nerd with a passion for the performing arts. As a former performer herself, she has a deep understanding of the transformative power of art on the artist, in addition to its external value. She is the Database Administrator for the Young Centre, and previously worked in fundraising for Soulpepper, the Arts Club, and Ballet BC, among others. Kearney Miller Consulting, which she co-founded, helps not-for-profits and charities make data-driven decisions.

Her lived experiences of neurodiversity and mental illness give her super-powers, which she does her best to use for good. Sheila has volunteered in all of the cities she has called home (Cleveland, Vancouver, & Toronto), including as a Board Member of the Firehall, co-chair of Scholarship & Mentorship for AFP, a planner for the multi-national Tessitura conference, and a transcriber for the US GenWeb census project. She serves on the Soulpepper & Young Centre committee for EDI-R (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & anti-Racism) and the Greenpeppers.

Sheila considers her role as mom to her two young kiddos the most important, most fun, and most challenging job she has had yet. Their favourite things to do together are garden, bake, and dismantle the patriarchy.