Steering Committee   /   Shira Leuchter

Shira Leuchter

Actor & Theatre Creator

Shira (she/her) is an award-winning performance creator, actor, writer and facilitator. She makes performances that imagine and rehearse new ways for us to be together. She’s interested in what happens when we replace traditional dramatic conflict with collaboration, with an invitation to make something together. She makes much of her performance work with UnSpun Theatre, and has received large-scale performance commissions from organizations like Harbourfront Centre and the Gardiner Museum. Shira has written for Canadian Theatre Review and her work has been written about by others in publications like Theatre Research in Canada and American Literary History. She’s a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, and recently completed her MA in Theatre and Performance Studies at York University. She has been thinking a lot about how care labour is devalued in contemporary performance, and how notions of difficulty and risk in performance map onto gendered values and economies. Shira lives and works in Tkaronto with her husband Chris and is raising two children, Calla and Geneva, who are very cool and funny people.

Shira facilitates Hack Lab at Balancing Act/Theatre Direct.