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About us, With us.

by Sarah Cullen

About the piece:

About us, With us. is a new work developed specifically for Balancing Act’s ‘Wrap & Unpack: Embodying the Care Package’ – Toronto March 2024. MOTHRA’s Sarah Cullen was invited to respond to the notes taken at the Wrap & Unpack events in Whitehorse and Halifax and create a work inspired by the words and phrases captured at these events.

Borrowing from the well known slogan “Nothing About Us Without Us”, About us, With us. brings us back to why we are having these conversations in the first place – our children, and our relationships with them as artists. Children alongside their parents read the notes aloud during the MOTHRA artist-parent residency at Gibraltar Point, in March 2024.

This audio file is approximately ten minutes in length and was recorded using binaural sound. The audio will play in a loop, and listeners are invited to tune in for as long or as short as you’d like.

The listener will hear different children’s voices reading a text, with help from, or interspersed with adult voices.


The hands of the participants holding transcriptions of the notes were photographed for the accompanying poster. The transcriptions can be found on the website, or by following the QR code on the poster.

About the artist:

Sarah Cullen is a Toronto-based visual artist. She is the founder of MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Project. Sarah has been involved with Balancing Act as a steering committee member since the early days. Read more about Sarah here.

Listen to About us, With us.

This piece was a commissioned installation at the Wrap and Unpack: Toronto event on March 22, 2024.

Best enjoyed when wearing a pair of headphones!