Hack Lab: Research + Residency – Frequently Asked Questions

Hack Lab is designed to be responsive to the artists involved in the project. Here are some answers to questions around the structure and content of the lab.

If you have more inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out: susie@theatredirect.ca.

What time are the Tuesday online sessions?

In the past, sessions have been in the morning; Shira will work with the group to find a time that works best for everyone.

May 16-28 In-Studio Residency: How much time am I expected to use/can I use?

We have booked Theatre Direct’s Studio H from 9am-9pm on those dates. We imagine that folks will create a schedule that works for them and their caregiving responsibilities, and that folks will have equal access to the space (in terms of time). We are also open to artists sharing the space for dialogue and feedback.

Is there an artist fee for this workshop?

Not at this time – this is something we may consider for the future.

In the context of this iteration of Hack Lab, artists receive:

  • Online sessions with specially curated materials to support each artist’s inquiry
  • Free online and in-studio sessions
  • Dramaturgical support offered by Shira Leuchter for in-studio work – as desired
  • A community of artists with whom to dialogue throughout the process

How many artists will be in the cohort?

We are envisioning a group of six!

Will child care/dependent care be provided?

We have a fund for this, and we can make a contribution to these costs. We understand that caregiving needs are a one-size-fits-one, and we will work with everyone’s needs to find solutions. The flexible approach to scheduling supports this.

I am located outside of Toronto/Tkaronto. Can I apply?

We are considering applications from outside of Toronto/Tkaronto, and will do what we can to support an out-of-town process. Theatre Direct can also write a letter in support of a travel grant.