Level UP! National Roundtables + Survey Results

Co-presented with the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT).

These public roundtables are a series of online ‘working conversations’ between international guests and our partner companies who are piloting workplace strategies to support parents and caregivers.

January 13: Flexible Working Models (Roseneath Theatre, Neptune Theatre, Outside the March, Fringe Toronto)

February 24: Childcare Solutions (Quote Unquote Collective, Harbourfront Centre, Lunchbox Theatre, Open Pit Theatre, CADA-East)

May 19: Compassion Fund (Nightwood Theatre, Obsidian Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times, Native Earth, Tapestry Opera)

June (TBA): Pathways to Agreement (Why Not Theatre, Neworld Theatre, Toronto Dance Theatre)

All Roundtables 1-2:30 EST (zoom). Register through PACT here.

Thank you to the guest panelists who joined us on January 13 for our Flexible Working Models conversation: Anna Ehnold-Danailov (UK), Co-founder and Joint CEO, Parents and Carers in the Performing Arts (PiPA), Ralph B. Peña (US), Producing Artistic Director, Ma-Yi Theatre (New York), and Laura Phillips and Rebecca Vandevelde, Means of Production (CAN).

FLEXIBLE WORKING MODELS SURVEY: Attendees of the January session were invited to fill out a survey about their organization’s flexible working practices. Here are the results:

Types of Flexible Work:

92% of respondents are working Remotely
82% are doing Flexible Working Hours
70% are offering part-time work
31% offer a reduced work week
21% offer task based work
21% are working remotely from a distance of more than 200km
7% offer job sharing


59% have been offering one or more of these options for the past 2-5yrs
24% for 1 year
10% for less than 6 months
10% for over 6 years
7% for the past 6-11 months

Who can access these Flexible models?

86.2% of respondents offer one or more Flexible work options to full time staff
41.4% offer to seasonal/contract employees
24% offer to Artists and Creative Teams
3% offer to All three of the groups above

In Production:

52% of respondents offer shortened Rehearsal weeks
43.5% offer shortened rehearsal days
43.5% offer shortened performance schedules (less than 8 shows/week)
38.4% offer a shortened technical rehearsal day
30.4% offer Remote Rehearsal
30.4% offer Occasional/ Spread out Rehearsal
30.4% offer flexible day schedule