Welcome to our 2023-24 Level UP! Strategy Partners!

Balancing Act is excited to announce the third and final cohort of the Level UP! Initiative! Joining us from coast to coast to coast, 36 new companies and collectives will be exploring pilot projects that support parents, caregivers, and care needs within their organizations. We are inspired to work with and learn from these engaged and vibrant artists!

Emerging from the three-years of Level UP!, this fall, we will introduce “Wrap and Unpack: Embodying the Care Package.” We’re set to ‘wrap’ Level UP! and ‘unpack’ its significant findings and meaningful insights. Stay tuned for national event announcements and more information on how to join us for this exciting final year!

Care Solutions Strategy Group

Canadian StageO.Dela Arts SocietyOpen Heart Arts TheatreThe Musical Stage CompanySummerWorksArtscape Gibraltar Point – Dance Artist Parents Action Collective (DAPAC) – Opéra Queens DanceworksUrbanvessel Performing ArtsGwaandak Theatre

Pathways to Agreement Strategy Group

Savage SocietyEastern Front TheatreThéâtre ActionNecessary Angel Theatre CompanyStudio 180 TheatreSoundstreams b current Performing ArtsMake Treaty 4 Collective in partnership with Curtain RazorsTarragon TheatreHalifax Fringe Festival Corpus DanceCompany 605Swallow A Bicycle TheatreConvergence Theatre

Compassion Fund Strategy Group

Bad Dog TheatreImago TheatreChromatic TheatreThe Theatre CentreTheatre Passe MurailleSoulpepper Theatre Company Mocean DanceLemontree Creations – “Modelling” Ad Hoc Collective – Dancing Hands Theatre258signs Productionrice & beans Theatre Society