Wrap & Unpack has visited Saskatoon, Montreal, and Whitehorse!

Thank you to our partners who have helped to make these regional conversations an great success! Curtain Razors (Saskatoon), Imago Theatre (Montreal), and Gwaandak Theatre (Whitehorse) have helped us to bring together artists, cultural workers, and organizations in a community dialogue around parenting, caregiving and care supports.

Thank you also to the artists in each community who have embodied the role of Movement Scribe for each conversation. Marcus Merasty (Saskatoon), Kimberley de Jong (Montreal), and Pascale Youkali Ménard (Whitehorse) have each contributed a beautiful movement gesture at the end of each event. There is a ‘passing of the torch’ as these gestures are delivered to the subsequent Wrap & Unpack event, carrying an embodied message of care from one region to another.

Join us at our Toronto Wrap & Unpack on March 22, 2024, when the Level UP! partners perform all the Wrap & Unpack gestures in sequence. Titled ‘The Movement’, this collective dance reflects the journey of these regional dialogues, and the work of Balancing Act over the past three years.

To quote Balancing Act founder Lisa Marie DiLiberto: “This is a movement.”