Our children gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of what we do as artists. For some of us, our children have been very separate from our artistic work, [and the gathering] changed that. Participants left feeling inspired, not alone, and more understood.

Participating Artist

Beets & Branches

Beets & Branches

A Gathering of Dancing Parents

Level UP! Strategy Area: Care Solutions

Pilot Project: Nature & Nurture: A gathering of dance artist parents and their families

Project Duration: 2023 – 2024

Continuing to Implement: Yes.

Resources Shared: Project Field Notes, Grant Application Content, Artist Information Package

About Beets & Branches

Location: Ontario
Artistic Discipline: Dance
Operating Budget: Project-based

Beets & Branches (formerly Dance Artist Parents Action Collective) is a group of established professional dance artists who are all parents in different stages of parenthood and want to play an active role in creating space and support for dance artists who are also parents. The goal of Beets & Branches is to create opportunity where opportunity is lacking and to address limitations that have been experienced first-hand.

Beets & Branches values humanity, equity, compassion, and kindness, understanding that to live these values takes dedication, patience, and communication, all of which require time and space. As a collective, Beets & Branches wants to support the health and well-being of dance artist parents, so they can continue to be active forces in our dance communities.

Beets & Branches’s Level UP! Project

Beets & Branches hosted a weekend-long gathering of dance artist parents and their families called Nature & Nurture. The event was organized by Jesse Dell (with Tracey Norman and Pamela Wong-Shoebottom) and hosted by Jesse Dell and Dallas Squire at their home in Six Nations of the Grand River. The goal is to turn Nature & Nurture into an annual creative research gathering of artists from across the country.

Project Highlights:

    • Making a creative playground that became a place for artistic exploration, research, and embodied conversations about experiences as artist parents
    • Learning as Dallas Squire led a Traditional Games session with Onkwehonwe Games
    • Creating community through harvesting, making food and eating and living on-site together—with or without families and partners, as needed and as possible (all configurations of family welcome)


Beets & Branches | Project Field Notes

About This Resource Beets & Branches shared these Project Field Notes in 2024 as part of their Balancing Act Level UP! Pilot Project. Their project focused on organizing a gathering of dancing parents and their families.

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Beets & Branches | Grant Application Content

About This Resource Beets & Branches shared this Grant Application Content document in 2024 as part of their Balancing Act Level UP! Pilot Project. The document includes content from a grant application that Beets & Branches submitted to Canada Council for the...

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Beets & Branches | Artist Information Package

About This Resource Beets & Branches created this Artist Information Package in 2024 as part of their Balancing Act Level UP! Pilot Project. The package contains detailed information that was sent to guests at the first Nature & Nurture gathering, held in...

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