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Dance Artist Tracey Norman and her daughter Pearl. Photo by Raphael Roter.

As a woman who is hoping to become a parent, [this project] made me feel empowered.

Participating Artist / Arts Worker

Canadian Dance Assembly

Canadian Dance Assembly

Care Strategies for a Small Core Team

Level UP! Strategy Area: Pathways to Agreement

Pilot Project: Creating a Care Reflection Document and a Wellbeing Fund

Project Duration: 2022 – 2024 Seasons

Continuing to Implement: Yes

Resources Shared: Project Field Notes, Reflections on Internal Care Practices Document, Compassion and Wellbeing Fund Pilot Outline

About the Canadian Dance Assembly

Location: Ontario
Artistic Discipline: Dance

CDA’s aim is to steer our national dialogue on dance practices towards equity, access and belonging. Through conferences, workshops, and gatherings, we work together—our members and national dance stakeholders—across the provinces and the territories to build a dynamic network of communities committed to dance in all its forms.

We are a people-powered platform connecting dance communities, sharing knowledge, and addressing government policies to keep you regularly informed.

Canadian Dance Assembly’s Level UP! Project

The CDA team worked collectively on this project, including: Shelby Wright, Finance and Administrative Manager; Pam Tzeng, Advisor; Valérie Bah, Communications and Outreach; Oriana Pagnotta, Director of Membership and Engagement; and Karla Etienne, Executive Director. The goal was to put “life force over workforce” and “cultivate a holistic and embodied culture of care in the workplace.”

Project Highlights:

    • Developing a living Reflections on Internal Care Practices document
    • Creating a simple Wellbeing Fund for staff


Canadian Dance Assembly | Project Field Notes

About This Resource Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) created these  Project Field Notes in 2023 as part of their Balancing Act Level UP! Pilot Project. CDA's project focused on creating care strategies for their small core team, with an eye to considering how to expand...

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