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Dancers in CHAMPIONESS by SaMel Tanz. Photo by Fran Chudnoff.

[This project] made me feel more confident that I can do the work. Be present and not split minded when doing the work knowing that care for my child has taken place.

Participating Artist / Arts Worker



Caregiver Support Initiative

Level UP! Strategy Area: Care Solutions

Pilot Project: Policy development and financial assistance for caregivers

Project Duration: 2023 – 2024

Continuing to Implement: Yes

Resources Shared: Project Field Notes. Caregiver Artist Statement, Caregiver Statement: Employee Handbook Clause

About DanceWorks

Location: Ontario
Artistic Discipline: Dance
Operating Budget: $100,000 to $1,000,000

DanceWorks connects audience members with artists and their work—inviting the public to encounter new ideas and necessary questions. We support choreographers, dancers, and interdisciplinary artists in the development and presentation of bold, thoughtful, relevant performance events. DanceWorks programming also includes artist residencies, open rehearsals, workshops, artist talks, and community conversations.
We believe that choreography is a practice of speaking truth, embodying change, and facilitating togetherness.

DanceWorks’s Level UP! Project


Through the Caregiver Support Initiative, DanceWorks developed and implemented comprehensive support strategies for caregivers within the organization, with a specific focus on caregiver artists. The project involved the drafting of a dedicated section in their employee handbook, outlining caregiving support policies and procedures, as well as developing an Artist Care Statement to be integrated into all future agreements between the organization and artists. DanceWorks also provided financial assistance to support presenting artists during performance periods to help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with caregiving responsibilities.

Project Highlights:

    • Facilitating policy development and providing financial assistance to a presenting artist.
    • Developing a comprehensive list of parenting resources and senior/elder care resources within the Artist Care Statement.


DanceWorks | Project Field Notes

About This Resource DanceWorks shared these Project Field Notes in 2024 as part of their Balancing Act Level UP! Pilot Project. Their project focused on policy development and financial assistance for caregivers.

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DanceWorks | Caregiver Artist Statement

About This Resource DanceWorks created this Caregiver Artist Statement in 2024 as part of their Balancing Act Level UP! Pilot Project. The Statement was designed to be integrated into all future agreements between artists and DanceWorks.

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DanceWorks | Caregiver Statement: Employee Handbook Clause

Obsidian Theatre Company's General Manager, Michael Sinclair, shared details about Obsidian's Level UP! project iwith members of the Balancing Act team, and information was compiled into Project Field Notes (click the download button below to view this resource)....

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