Vanessa Sears and Oyin Oladejo in Obsidian Theatre Company production of Is God Is. Photo by Elijah Nichols.
Pictured: Breton Lalama in Fully Committed by Becky Mode. Photo by Stoo Metz.
Neptune Theatre

Neptune Theatre

Flexible Work and Care Supports

Level UP! Strategy Area: Flexible Working Models

Pilot Project: Needs assessment focused on caregiver needs, a five-day rehearsal schedule, and other approaches to improve flexibility and support

Project Duration: September 2021 – September 2022

Continuing to Implement: Yes, continuing to make flex-working models a part of annual programming and budget considerations going forward.

Resources Shared: Project Field Notes, Project Field Notes, Caregiver Needs Assessment Survey for Staff, Caregiver Needs Assessment Survey for Community, Sample Five-Day Rehearsal Schedule, Welcome Survey for Contracted Artists 

About Neptune Theatre

Location: Nova Scotia
Artistic Discipline: Theatre
Operating Budget: More than $1,000,000

Neptune Theatre is Atlantic Canada’s premier destination for live, professional theatre. For 60 years, the theatre has been deeply connected to the local community and continues to seek new ways to create outstanding theatrical experiences that enlighten and bring joy to audiences. With a mindful and inclusive approach, Neptune Theatre is committed to bringing stories that represent the history and diversity of the region and its people to life.

Neptune Theatre’s Level UP! Project

Neptune Theatre’s project was comprised of three connected components: 

1. Creating a five-day rehearsal week for two shows: Last Epistle of Tightrope Time and Fully Committed.

2. Conducting a needs assessment, which involved surveying staff, contractors and artist/arts worker caregivers in the community, and integrating questions related to flexible work and care needs into a Welcome Survey for contracted artists working on Rocky Horror Picture Show.

3. Testing out other flexible work and caregiver support approaches (e.g. flexible auditing process, welcoming children and childcare into the theatre).


Neptune Theatre | Project Field Notes

About This Resource Neptune Theatre created these Project Field Notes in 2022 as part of their Balancing Act Level UP! Pilot Project. Their project had three components: flexible rehearsal schedule, needs assessment, and other applications of flexible models.

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Neptune Theatre | Sample Five-Day Rehearsal Schedule

About This Resource Neptune Theatre created this Five-Day Rehearsal Schedule in 2022 as part of their Balancing Act Level UP! Pilot Project. The schedule was created for rehearsals of The Last Epistle of Tightrope Time, one of three shows where Neptune piloted a...

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Neptune Theatre | Welcome Survey for Contracted Artists

About This Resource Neptune Theatre created this Welcome Survey in 2022 as part of their Balancing Act Level UP! Pilot Project. The survey was sent out as a Google Form to artists and arts workers contracted during the Rocky Horror Picture Show production to help...

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