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Vanessa Sears and Oyin Oladejo in Obsidian Theatre Company production of Is God Is. Photo by Elijah Nichols.
Outside the March Managing Producer Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld and two of her kiddos

We at Outside the March intend to continue formalizing our previously-unarticulated culture of care by making it a central part of our hiring and HR processes, and by growing our flexible work policies.

Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld

Managing Producer, Outside the March

Outside the March

Outside the March

Flexible Work and Company Culture Statement

Level UP! Strategy Area: Flexible Working Models

Pilot Project: Flexible Work needs assessment process and development of company culture statement

Project Duration: November 2021 – May 2022

Continuing to Implement: Yes. This project influenced later development of Employee Company Policy.

Resources Shared: Project Field Notes, Flexible Working Models Needs Assessment Template, Employment Posting: Director of Development, Community Culture Statement within Employee Company Policy

About Outside the March

Location: Ontario
Artistic Discipline: Theatre
Operating Budget: $100,000 to $1,000,000

Outside the March (OtM) creates unforgettable immersive encounters, redefining the experience of theatre for a new generation of audiences. OtM is one of Canada’s leading immersive theatre companies and a registered charity. Since 2009, OtM has welcomed audiences to over 26 critically-celebrated, award-winning productions that seek to embody our values of curiosity, care, thrills, connection and immersion.

The Toronto Star describes Outside the March as “one of the most interesting and successful theatre companies in our city.” By expanding the canvas on which theatrical storytelling takes place, OtM welcomes audiences who don’t normally find themselves at the theatre and bring underused spaces into the public eye. Over the past decade, OtM has invited audiences to play in a Parkdale kindergarten classroom, venture to Roncesvalles on an EMS call, weather the apocalypse in an abandoned Leslieville movie theatre, unlock mysteries in a beloved Annex VHS rental store, and place a phone call to a mystery-solving service from anywhere in the world. OtM has also radically reinvented some of Toronto’s most iconic theatres, including The Royal Alex, Factory Theatre and Streetcar Crowsnest.

Outside the March’s Level UP! Project

Outside the March joined Level UP! In the 2021-22 season, when remote working was at its height. Outside the March had already been supporting alternative working options and ad hoc accommodations for caregivers, but they wanted to formalize these policies in a way that accurately reflected their company culture. The purpose was to support both current and future employees.

Project Highlights:

    • Conducted an in-depth assessment process in order to create a company culture statement that lives both within their larger employee policy document and within job postings
    • Implemented changes to working practices highlighted in Employee Company Policy after their Level UP! Pilot was complete


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More Information

For more information about Outside the March, visit www.outsidethemarch.ca.

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