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Eight performers on stage singing into microphones.
Photo from Quote Unquote Collective’s Universal Child Care. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

The shortened days were a huge success for everyone including all the folks without kids. It’s simply more sustainable to arrive home by 6pm rather than 7pm or later. It leaves time for family and anything else that keeps us human. The paid childcare of course was the other IMMENSE success. Unburdening the artists. Relieving guilt. Facilitating a sustainable lifestyle. Making it possible for parents to be part of this project.

Amy Nostbakken

Co-Artistic Director, Quote Unquote Collective

Quote Unquote Collective

Quote Unquote Collective

Family Care Support for Artists

Level UP! Strategy Area: Care Solutions

Pilot Project: Family care subsidy and support for Universal Child Care workshop 

Project Duration:November – December 2021

Continuing to Implement:Yes, and advocating for on-site care for performances.

Resources Shared: Project Field Notes, Care and Access Needs Questionnaire, Childcare Offer Email and Contract Clause

About Quote Unquote Collective

Location: Ontario
Artistic Discipline: Music, Theatre
Operating Budget: Less than $100,000

Quote Unquote Collective is a Canadian multi-disciplinary performance company. Engaging with urgent social and political themes, the company is founded on the firm belief that art and performance are tools to provoke conversation and change. Co-founders Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava, who both have a strong background in physical theatre and music, have joined forces to produce work in a variety of genres and disciplines as a means to make experimental and provocative performance work. Their premiere production, Mouthpiece, has won multiple awards around the world, toured internationally and was published by Coach House Press and Oberon UK. In 2024, they premiered Universal Child Care at Canadian Stage.

Quote Unquote’s Level UP! Project

Quote Unquote Collective offered a child/family care subsidy and other support to Universal Child Care development workshop participants during the 2021–2022 season. 

Co-Artistic Directors, Norah Sadava and Amy Nostbakken, and their collaborators premiered Universal Child Care at Canadian Stage in February 2024. 

Project Highlights:

    • Developed intentional, inclusive language used to describe family care
    • Partnered with co-producer Why Not Theatre to determine and respond to care/access needs of workshop participants


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More Information

For more information about the Quote Unquote Collective, visit quoteunquotecollective.com.

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