Balancing Act’s programs are for artists, cultural workers, and arts leaders.  We offer wellness support, training workshops, and our flagship initiative Level UP!, a program to support arts organizations and collectives as they centre care in their workplaces and projects.

Level UP!

The Level UP! Initiative supports arts organizations and collectives as they pilot strategies that forefront more inclusive, care-led workplace policies and practices.


Balancing Act offers monthly Affinity Groups and one-on-one Expressive Arts therapy sessions for artists and cultural workers engaged in care.


Workshops geared toward both individuals and organizations, including workplace training and creation labs.

Past Projects

In early 2020, in response to the urgent need for caregiver support during this challenging time for our sector, Balancing Act crafted the following series of prototypes designed to inspire intergenerational learning, support artist caregivers, and engage young people through art.

Work that Works

A 5-day experiment that explored the benefit that reduced working hours/ task-based employment and guided creative play has on the mental wellness of parent-artists and their families.

Designed and Led by Hanna Wolf & Pragna Desai

Hack Lab

An online multigenerational creation and discussion group for adult and youth participants. The precursor to the current Hack Lab.

Designed and led by Shira Leuchter

La Magie des Marionnettes

A 5-day creativity incubator designed to explore the extent to which digital programming can serve as a creative outlet for children whilst also providing online childcare for caregivers.

Designed and Led by Treasa Levasseur & Djennie Laguerre

Wired Funny

A digital camp designed to crack the funny bone in your child. Hours of jokes, riddles and clowning around leading to a comic gig, presented by the campers at the end of the week.

Designed and Led by Pragna Desai with Madeleine Brown

When an institution does not evolve with best practices that include parent support, it risks suppressing, isolating, and driving out the most socially vulnerable regardless of their high professional capability and artistic potential.

Rachel Spencer-Hewitt, Parent-Artist Advocacy League
From the article “Who We Harm When Parenting Isn’t Considered”

Caring for my son for his entire life was an immense privilege, but toggling between my son’s 24/7 care, caring for his younger brother and managing freelance work as a single mom, made me put my own needs on the sidelines. Every caregiver should have options that allow them to flourish.

Jennifer Johannesen
Caregiver in Guelph, Ontario

I am a grandparent who raised three children as an arts worker. Level UP! is the program I wish we had had. 


Artist Respondent
Level UP! Artist Reflection Survey