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Care Solutions

The Care Solutions Strategy focuses on initiatives to directly support caregiver needs. For example: on-site care, infrastructure for touring, care room, childcare/caregiver fund, childcare for auditions, concurrent/integrated programming.

Here’s what we learned:

On-site childcare is possible!

The ‘sandwich’ is real – caring for both children and aging parents.

It doesn’t have to cost money – a room to pump is sometimes all that’s needed.

To learn more about On-site Childcare, see Balancing Act’s in-house resource.

And check out these conversations with our Care Solutions Strategy Partners:

Théâtre Français de Toronto

Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists

Harbourfront Centre

Want to learn about how you can integrate Care Solutions into your organization? 

Below is a complete list of our Care Solutions Strategy Partners and their pilot projects over the last three cohorts of the Level UP! program (2021-2024).

Each company links to their partner page, where you can learn more and explore the resources they created through Level UP! You’ll find ‘how-to’ guides that demystify on-site care, as well as how to work with care providers for adults.

To access all Resources For Organizations created by Level UP! partners, sign up for a Membership.

Harbourfront Centre | 2021-2022

Pilot Project: Supporting touring artists travelling with children, creating a resource guide

Lunchbox Theatre | 2021-2022

Pilot Project: Childcare supports for artists, including childcare stipends, schedule adjustments, and a child-welcome workspace

Quote Unquote Collective | 2021-2022

Pilot Project: Family care subsidy and support for Universal Child Care workshop

Open Pit Theatre | 2021-2022

Pilot Project: Childcare and travel support

Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists | 2021-2022

Pilot Project: Caregiver subsidy for dance artist members

2b theatre company | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Childcare for artists and audience members and development of Wellness and Access Form

Common Boots Theatre and Two Birds Theatre | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Childminding and programming alongside performances of Apocalypse Play by Two Birds Theatre

Femmes de Feu Company | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Creating a Welcome Package that includes caregiver resources

L’eau du bain | 2022-2023

Development of a bank of strategies for the integration of children in the context of theatrical production.

Kimberley de Jong | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Researching and creating the dance work (M)other, with on-site childcare at Saturday gallery performances

Théâtre Français de Toronto | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Exploring childcare for audiences and artists during a production in TFT’s home season, as well as supporting an artist bringing their child on tour

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts | 2022-2023

Models for Presenters – Support for artists and companies: For example, welcome package/resource guide, care room, touring infrastructure, childcare at events/openings

Pilot Project: Developing a resource guide or welcome package to support artists with caring responsibilities

Canadian Stage | 2023-2024

Actively exploring various avenues for the potential implementation of childcare services during a Universal Child Care (UCC) matinee scheduled for February 2024. A primary objective of this pilot initiative is to establish a sustainable and financially viable approach.

DanceWorks | 2023-2024

This program will support covering costs for an out-of-town artist and mother who requires special support. The model can than be used as a template for DanceWorks that can be used in future while engaging with Artists with care giving responsibilities.

Beets & Branches | 2023-2024

Beets & Branches was Gathering of Dance-Artist Parents Retreat Six Nations of the Grand River at the time of their participation in the Level UP! Program.

A gathering of professional dance artists and their families with the intention of creating space for the artists involved to connect and focus on their art, located on Six Nations of the Grand River territory.

Gwaandak Theatre | 2023-2024

Working towards a formalized compassion/childcare fund, which will articulate to funders the reasoning behind the fund and how it benefits contractors, promote available caregiving options within job postings, and seek feedback from caregivers in order to best allocate funds and support participation during programming.

The Musical Stage Company | 2023-2024

Piloting an on-site care program, including PSW’s and a fund for ad hoc care for our spring 2024 New Works Festival.

O.Dela Arts Society | 2023-2024

Exploring caregiver support on tour and the possibility of a database of caregivers.

Open Heart Arts Theatre | 2023-2024

In tandem with L’Arche core members: 1) creating community care documents, 2) discovering what a Care Coordinator position would look like in our organisation, 3) creating a half day of wellness activities for care providers.

Opéra Queens | 2023-2024

Implementing a compassion fund for artists-caregivers and developing a flexible working schedules while maintaining balance for the central administrative team.

SummerWorks | 2023-2024

Establishing a childcare fund specifically to support the professional development and leadership transition for new Managing Director Morgan Norwich.

Arthubs | 2023-2024

Creating a Welcome Package for artist caregivers, and designing a respite residency.