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 Pathways to Agreement

The Pathways to Agreement Strategy focuses on creating mechanisms for artists and arts workers to ask for what they need to support their caregiving, and embedding these mechanisms in workplace policy and onboarding processes.

Here’s what we learned:

HR guidance is very beneficial to this policy work.
Policies can last beyond staff, ie: commitments to care can withstand changes in leadership.
Many companies included their Board of Directors in this work.

To learn more, see Balancing Act’s Creating a Care Commitment resource.

And check out this conversation with our Pathways to Agreement Strategy Partner MT Space:

Want to learn about how you can integrate Pathways to Agreement into your organization? 

Below is a complete list of our Pathways to Agreement Strategy Partners and their pilot projects over the last three cohorts of the Level UP! program (2021-2024).

Each company links to their partner page, where you can learn more and find the resources they created through Level UP! You’ll discover caregiver policies, mental health plans, care commitments, and more.

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Neworld Theatre | 2021-2022

Pilot Project: Developing an Organization-Wide Framework of Care

Why Not Theatre | 2021-2022

Pilot Project: Development of a Caregiver Support Policy

Toronto Dance Theatre | 2021-2022

Pilot Project: Caregiver Support Program

Canadian Dance Assembly | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Creating a Care Reflection Document and a Wellbeing Fund

Greenhouse Arts Collective | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Research and Planning for Pollination: a Creation Residency for Artists with Disabilities

Good Women Dance Collective | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Developing a wrap-around Care Policy with a procedure for requesting support

MT Space | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Wrap-around care support, including addressing grief and mental health

Persephone Theatre | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Creating a Statement of Care, Care Fund, on on-site childcare for performances

Tara Cheyenne Performance | 2022-2023

Pilot Project: Formalizing pre-existing supports in a Care Policy

bcurrent Performing Arts | 2023-2024

Building a care program that supports healthier rehearsal and performance spaces. Integral to this program will be creating ways to artists to request support during rehearsal and show runs (including caregiver support needs).

Company 605 | 2023-2024

Building a company-specific framework around the access of compassion funds and the creation of care policies and wrap-around support.

Convergence Theatre | 2023-2024

Case Study: Actors and parents collaborating with agents and other stakeholders toward pathways for negotiating caregiver support.

Corpus Dance Projects | 2023-2024

Developing a policy / framework to support the caregiving needs of our team members.

Eastern Front Theatre | 2023-2024

Developing core policies (around care schedules and accessibility needs) that can be applied not only to staff but contractors as well.

Making Treaty 4 Collective in partnership with Curtain Razors | 2023-2024

Among other explorations, creating and documenting (e.g oratory, written and/or ceremonial) culturally relevant and safe policies and protocols that will guide the organization.

Necessary Angel Theatre Company | 2023-2024

Providing support to employees or the core artists that work with NA over this season through additional funding for support of care for themselves or as a caregiver to accommodate work.

Savage Society | 2023-2024

Formalize a “Promise to Care” fund, both financially and within HR policy.

Studio 180 Theatre | 2023-2024

Create a framework of care and a new model that codifies a flexible working model for employees to be developed alongside a new strategic plan, supporting our commitment to being an artist-run company that supports the unique needs of caregivers.

The Swallow a Bicycle Theatre Society | 2023-2024

Create a “philosophy of care” that would ground how we care is implemented in each process embarked on, regardless of scale, resources and capacity.

Tarragon Theatre | 2023-2024

To put in place the necessary policies and systems to implement an equitable recognition of caregiving requirements when in contract negotiations.

Theatre Action | 2023-2024

Carrying out a consultation process with the entire Franco-Ontarian theatre community on the reality of parents and caregivers who work within the sector.