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Bienvenue dans la bibliothèque virtuelle de livres, de recherches universitaires, d’articles médiatiques et d’études de cas de Balancing Act – des références à l’intersection de l’art et des soins. Nous vous invitons à explorer ces offres et à vous inspirer de la communauté mondiale de soins entourant ce travail.

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REVIEW: Inside the babes-in-arms performance of the audacious Universal Child Care

By Kaitlyn Riordan, Intermission Magazine

Research and Reports

What One Employer Found When It Started Providing Child Care

By Harriet Torry, Wall Street Journal

Web and Media Articles

Nestruck on Theatre: How much would it cost to provide childcare to theatregoers?

By J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail

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Web and Media Articles

My partner and I want to have a baby, but we can’t afford it without leaving Toronto. Is that our fault — or part of a much bigger problem?

By Rachel Cairns, Toronto Star


In “Universal Child Care,” two working mothers scream into the void

By Carly Maga, Intermission Magazine

Web and Media Articles

Theatre or Family: We Shouldn’t Have to Choose

By Caroline Macon Fleischer, American Theatre

Journal Articles

Balancing Act

By Lisa Marie DiLiberto

From Theatre Research in Canada: Volume 41, Issue No. 2

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Web and Media Articles

Performing and Parenting: Julia Alpin

By Courtney Ch’ing Lancaster & Kris Noelle, Intermission Magazine

Web and Media Articles

Disappearing Act: Dance Artist Mothers in the Gig Economy of the Performing Arts in Canada 

By Susie Burpee