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Expressive Arts Workshop, Conference of Care, November 2022.

Affinity Groups: Peer Support

Balancing Act offers monthly affinity groups for artists and arts workers with caring responsibilities; a supportive space to dialogue and exchange resources. Welcoming new members always, Balancing Act’s Affinity Groups are a confidential, peer support, caregiver-friendly, ‘come when you can and as you can’ space. Featuring guest artists and active listeners to support the room.

To learn more or to let us know your access needs: Email us at

Expressive Arts Therapy: Free Sessions

Balancing Act has partnered with WHEAT Institute for Expressive Arts Training Therapy to offer one-on-one sessions with practicum students. Expressive arts therapy combines psychology and the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing. This multi-arts, or intermodal, approach to psychotherapy and counseling uses our inborn desire to create, a therapeutic tool that can help initiate change. To sign up or learn more reach out to Indigenous therapists available.

External Support: Links to Help

AFC Navigator: A free, personalized, confidential assistance service that connects arts and entertainment industry workers to mental health resources, programs, and supports.

AFC Emergency Financial Aid: In case of a financial shortfall because of illness, injury, or other hardship (eg. caregiving for a partner with illness), this program can help with immediate costs like rent or mortgage, groceries, medical and emergency dental expenses, utilities, phone and internet bills, and more. 

The Ontario Caregiver Association: Mental health and peer support, including specialized support for Black, racialized, and Indigenous caregivers, as well as resources for grief and loss.

CAMH Family Service: The Family Service provides treatment and support services to anyone who is concerned about the substance use of someone else.