Présentant le travail d’artistes soignants et des œuvres qui s’engagent à l’intersection de l’art et des soins. Représentant les industries des arts du spectacle, de la musique, des arts visuels et du cinéma.

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About us, With us.

by Sarah Cullen

«About us, With us. is a new work developed specifically for Balancing Act’s ‘Wrap & Unpack: Embodying the Care Package’ – Toronto March 2024. MOTHRA’s Sarah Cullen was invited to respond to the notes taken at the Wrap & Unpack events in Whitehorse and Halifax and create a work inspired by the words and phrases captured at these events.»

Commissioned by Balancing Act for Wrap & Unpack, March 2024.

Portrait: Mother and Child

by Shira Leuchter

«I made this piece as a response to offerings that Balancing Act participants shared during conversations in Montreal/Tiohtià:ke and Saskatoon/misâskwatômina. There were various ideas, values and feelings that repeated–time, trust, relationality, offerings, tenderness–
and these repetitions brought me to a memory that I’ve shared in the piece.»

Commissioned by Balancing Act for Wrap & Unpack, March 2024

Art Work Care Work

by Claire Drummond

«The titles of the paintings in the series feature excerpts of interviews conducted with each subject in which we discuss the struggles of being an artist and a m(other) as well as the forms of systemic support that would make the art world more caring and accessible to artist-parents.»

Featured image: But I honestly had to cut that limb off almost. Not to make you feel any sort of guilt, but I knew that if I kept feeling that pull to go do that, it meant not being available to you guys and being angry at you guys in a way I didn’t want to be angry or resentful, just like “leave me alone I’m trying to do something” – Portrait of Gail McGowan and Claire Drummond, Oil on canvas, 2023

Intensive Care: Personal Support Artists (2023)

by Elephant in the Room Collective

«From hospital stays to home life, intergenerational connections to PSW work, ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM presents six one-minute videos that reflect the lived experiences of artists who care and the loved ones we look after.»

Presented at Whippersnapper Gallery (Toronto) from August 4 – 31, 2023

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is a collective of Toronto artists who are / were caregivers to family members, partners, and the community at large.